LFC is not just a name. It’s a promise.

Designed to be a wax letter seal, the LFC depicts an indentation made by a stamp.

This has nothing to do with cabinetry, but it has everything to do with our Core Values.

Personal Commitment

Like a letter is sealed and addressed to only one, we strive to provide individual care and attention that each of our clients deserve.

They have chosen us and it is our duty to fulfill another one of our Core Values.

 Keeping Our Promise

To provide the best quality and service possible, we put great care and take pride in everything we do. Our product and service is a reflection of ourselves and our commitment. What is behind that seal is our promise.


We have a large team of talented individuals, whose combined experience and cooperation is what allows us to succeed.

The sealed letter contains that strength, opening it is accepting our professional assistance.


All our endeavors are driven by our commitments to each other. We are a family as well as a team, showing appreciation and respect for each other and our clients.

The Londos seal is an invitation.


As a company, longevity is a part of keeping our core values strong, allowing us to provide our standard of excellence for many years to come.